My name is Al Heuer and I am a photographer who travels the globe to capture the human experience with my camera. As a big history buff, I have been trying to show the past as it exists today. At the same time I want to help the viewer see it as I do- in the objects historical context. It is a passion of mine to hunt out lost places or hidden gems and stamp my perspective on them. I am only seeking an avenue toward the discovery of myself through the art of photography. Often that entails distant places with vastly different customs and politics. I have always been fascinated with communist propaganda posters with their bright colors and enthusiastic subject matter. Their bold messages and beautiful idealism have always captured my imagination. I believe that these posters represent their own artistic genre and have never received their just place as fine art. It has always been my desire to capture the heart of this medium and bring them to life. Here I show my enthusiasm for these political themes in my current artwork and strive to give life and show the power of the political message in fine art. I am excited to welcome you and I hope you enjoy your visit!

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